Why You Will Fall In Love With Wonder Woman

June 21, 2017 - 6 minutes read

After a hiatus of 6 months, my husband and I finally managed to get out of the house to go on a date. We decided on Wonder Woman and WHAT A FILM!

Let’s begin by talking about THE MOMENT.

When she came out of the barracks in her full iconic outfit for the first time, and the music swelled, I burst into tears. My hubby sat beside me giving me the shifty eyes but I couldn’t hold back. I realized in that moment that I have never seen a female superhero who is the leading lady and not just a sexy sidekick.

I’ve always thought of myself as pretty empowered but there was something very moving about seeing this portrayal of female power in the mass media on a big screen. And films like this are so important because I believe if we can see it, we can be it.

I loved what Leah Schade had to say about this scene in her review:

I’ll admit it: when Wonder Woman climbed up out of the fox hole and slo-mo walked into No Man’s Land, drawing the fire power of the enemy, tears stung my eyes.  More than any other moment of the movie, for me this scene was emblematic of what so many women have faced in one form or another: stepping into the “no man’s land” of war, violence, abuse, discrimination, and oppression in order to “fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

In that moment Wonder Woman was the Syrian mother crossing the no man’s land of her bombed city, sniper fire all around, escaping the war with her children.  The mother filing a protection of abuse order against her partner.  The grandmothers at Standing Rock facing rubber bullets and water hoses to protect their community.  The black women in the Civil Rights movement facing dogs, gas, and batons.  Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors starting the Black Lives Matter movement in the face of systemic racial violence.  The female pastor stepping into the previously male-only pulpit.  The young girl stepping into a STEM classroom filled with mostly boys.  Malala Yousafzai taking a bullet to the brain for seeking an education.  The lesbian couple daring to walk hand-in-hand in public, withstanding a barrage of insults.  The list goes on.

What stood out to me was how she moved with confidence and purpose in the world without any of the insecurity that normally comes from being in a woman‘s body.  She had no cultural or social beliefs that held her back and
instead she was just BEING who she was, which was what allowed her to feel so comfortable in both her body and beliefs.

I think sometimes as women we take on a lot of cultural and social beliefs about what a woman should be and do, and often these can be so deeply ingrained in us we don’t even notice.  It was fabulous to see Dianna oblivious to it all and really show how we limit ourselves when we take on these beliefs, and what it can look like when we don’t carry these.


I loved that she didn’t judge others even though she was totally sure of herself.  She consistently came from a place of love and hope and not in the weak way that we are so used to seeing, but in a fierce way. It was also refreshing to see Steven, the male lead, love her without being threatened by her power.

Perhaps the thing I liked most about the film was that her superpower was love and that is what she used to defeat the baddies ( I don’t want to spoil it for those who are yet to see it) . As women we too bring a force of love into the world and I believe that is the most powerful superpower there is- when we use it.

Wonder Woman reminded me at a deeper level than ever before that we are divine, just like she realizes she is. And when we own that divinity and love we are powerful Goddesses too! We really are all Wonder Women.

So ladies,  the Goddess is rising and the world is ready for not only her but US! I am lucky to have many girlfriends who are shinning lights in this world, but it needs more of us to step up and start leading. Will you join me?

I am so pleased that my  6 month old daughter will take this for granted and never know the shock that I am feeling about finally seeing a little of our strength represented.

What did you think of it ?