Welcome to the ultimate sugar busting program!

The Sugar Shake-Off is designed to shake-off any habits with food that are not serving you, and let you experience the freedom of feeling good and looking good long term! With amazing support, the benefit of amazing science and health experts at your finger tips, the 5-day program is just the beginning of your holistic wellness journey.

If you’re anything like us...

you have the best intentions for a healthy lifetstyle, and are fully committed... until... a craving consumes you, and next thing you know, you've consumed a block of chocolate! It can be a wild ride on the physical and emotional roller coaster, stemming from eating too much sugar and too many carbs. You have probably tried gluing your fridge shut, or putting a padlock on the pantry, and you may have even tried many diets and failed. But don’t feel bad... You are not alone!

Are you ready to get off the roller coaster and curb those cravings NOW?

The Sugar Shake Off gives you everything you need to create lasting change and habits for a lifetime of better health.

Nutrition. Support. Education. Inspiration.

What Does The Sugar Shake Off Include?

Nutritionist approved food for 5 days [you only need to add some fruit & veg], world class supplements, and a Probiotic pack + international shipping [20 countries] $165.00
Consultation call with Sugar Shake Off coach $30.00
Three online webinars covering the glycemic index, cravings, and how to create long term health habits $150.00
Live Q&A, support, and contact with nutritionists, SSO coaches and health practicitoners $150.00
Access [for life!!] to an exclusive forum for 24/7 support $150.00/year
Two workbooks, pre- and post- the program $60.00
New [awesome & like-minded] friends, and so so much more! $Priceless!

Value: $705 NZD


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Here's how it works...

The Sugar Shake Off will help you to shake any habits that are not serving you, and get you started on a path of vibrance, vitality and happiness.

To begin we'll order your 5 day Jump start kit with all of the foods you will need for the week. You'll start the week with a private coaching call with your Sugar Shake Off Coach. Throughout the 5 days you will have access to three online video conference calls that you can tap into from anywhere in the world to keep you on track with your goals during and post the 5 days.

What can you expect?

• Kiss your carb and sugar cravings goodbye
• Increase your energy during the day
• Have more restful sleep during the night
• Learn to control cravings, hunger and mood swings by balancing blood sugar
• Achieve a more healthy, glowing complexion from detoxing and proper nutrition
• Understand healthy eating, proper nutrition, and what supplements to take
• Save money on your grocery bill with our healthy, delicious smoothies and bars
• Be more productive in your home life, work and business by feeling great and maintaining focus
• Build confidence with your new healthy self
• Connect with other like-minded people
• Warning: May cause Miracles 🙂

Are you ready for the Shake Off?!

Shake off any habits that are not serving you, and get started on a path of vibrance, vitality and happiness.

Registrations are now open 24/7 for our first Shake Off of 2016! We ship internationally to 20 countries, all starting with your decision to take control of your health and habits!

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Program designed by: Viola Hug-Taylor {Holistic Nutritionist & Freedom Expert}
Tiffany Matthews {Health Wealthy Wonderful founder}

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