Hi - My name is Tiffany

I am so excited that you have popped into my world.
As you’ve probably guessed, teaching people how to live a wonderful life is kinda my thing.

I am a mum to the sweetest little boy, a certifying personal trainer and a triathlete wanna-be who totally believes in fuelling my body with optimal nutrition and filling my soul with love. 

Along with that I have a partnership with USANA Health Sciences which has led me on the most incredible journey of wellness and personal development.

Creating Healthy Wealthy Wonderful is my way of sharing with the world all that I have learned on my journey, and as I continue to grow and deepen my own life I'll continue to share my learnings with you. I've worked with many women and men around the globe, who have been ready to transform their health by giving them the tools to do so in a way that is fun and confusion free.

If you feel you need some additional support on your wellness journey then we would love to hear from you. Come exactly as you are, our tribe is a chocolate filled, judgement free zone. 

I'll also keep you updated with opportunities to collaborate with our wellness tribe, the place to be if you want to liberate your time and live a life you love. 

When I’m not helping others to achieve greater levels of health,  you can find me beach bumming the shores of the South Pacific, or at home covered in yogurt watching re-runs of Frozen.  

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