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Do You Care About What Other People Eat?

Two things happened at the weekend that compelled me to come out of writing hibernation. First, a local bakery posted a picture of some of their cabinet items and one of my friends innocently commented underneath the photo. Some of her friends saw the comment and...

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Permission To Celebrate

Truth time… Recently a friend of mine asked me how I was going with my pregnancy, and I updated her on how great I had been feeling, that I was still working out five times a week, sleeping ok, and generally feeling well. She smiled with excitement. “ Yay, Tiffany...

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How To Make Winter Suck Less

  So we are reaching that awful time in winter where there isn’t anything that great to look forward to. We are into the winter blues. Grey, rainy days. Threats of storms come and go on a weekly basis. The temperatures continue to plummet into the single digits...

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10 Super Smoothies You Must Try

I love breakfast, and I hate to say it but if you regularly skip breakfast you are sabotaging your body. Not only does it cause your metabolism to slow down, and make you want to eat the entire pantry later in the day - it also makes you an emotional wreck! While you...

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Broad Bean Pesto

    This is a recipe given to me by my mother in law. She says: I like to make this pesto in the Spring when I have a glut of broad beans/ fava beans in my garden. At other times of year it works just as well with frozen beans. Prep Time: 5 Mins Cook Time: 2...

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Comparison – The Hamburglar Of Happiness

Picture this – You are busting your gut at the gym, grunting with your 5 kilo dumbbell, working reallllyyy hard to get in shape. Beads of sweat run down your face, which looks like a sweltering tomato but you feel so good about yourself. You are totally rocking this...

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Stuffed Sweet Potato

This is definitely one of our favourite family dinners. It's not as fast as some of the other meals I share, and there are some pretty finicky bits, like making sure the sweet potato skin stays in tact- but it's well worth the trouble! Ingredients 2 sweet potatoes 1/2...

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Black Bean Brownies

I know you might be wondering why anyone would want to eat a healthy brownie, when you can eat a rich, fudge-y, chocolatey normal one? My question is WHAT IF a healthy brownie could be rich, fudge-y and chocolatey? Try these babies and let me know how you get on....

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My Working Vacation That Was Totally Productive

If you pop by his blog on the regular, you’ll know that I am all about blending “  work” and “pleasure” so it’s not surprise that this weekend I took a mini Work- cation to Lake Rotoma. I was pleasntly surprised at the amount of work I achieved, without wifi or phone...

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Thirty Before Thirty

In exactly three months I will turn 30. I'd like to say I'm not thinking about it, but It's been on my mind all year! When I was 26 I wrote a list of 30 things I was most definitely going to do before I turned 30. I made a list of trips I wanted to take, challenges...

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Easy Baked Eggs

  I don't know about you but once I'm home from the gym I am ravenous! I'm always looking for fast, filling and healthy options post workout. One of my go to favourites are eggs. Eggs are highly nutritious and have loads of protein. Whether you eat them...

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