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The 30 day Beach Bum is for people who are totally over dieting, and want to solve their cravings once and for all. This nutritional, fitness program is ALL about self love. It isn’t a program of deprivation or strict rules because let’s face it, no one feels sexy when they’re hungry!  

Over 1,000 men and women from around the globe have participated in this fun, body loving program where you learn how you can truly look and feel your best FOR LIFE. It incorporates nutrition, fitness and loads of self love- because I don’t know about you, but I tend to stick with something a lot longer and actually implement it when I’m having FUN!


Wondering how it works?

You can Beach Bum at your own pace and registration Is open 24/7.

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For 30 days you get to:

  1. Enjoy 2 smoothies a day using the USANA Nutrimeal or Nutrimeal Free
  2. Eat clean, plant based whole foods
  3. Fuel your body with the highest rated nutritionals in the world
  4. Follow the squat and core challenge that you can easily do from home
    or on the go
  5. Move your body in a way that is FUN for you, and follow the program guide
    of lifestyle tips, recipes etc
  6. Practice self love
  7. Receive daily coaching from our amazing Beach Bum coaches in our private Facebook group
  8. Participate in a weekly Q+A session with our registered nutritionists.


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Your 30 day Beach Bum kit includes:

3 bags of Nutrimeal – 1 x Vanilla, 1 x Chocolate & 1 x Strawberry (unless you want all chocolate like me) *Gluten free  

1 box of Cellsentials – 30 day supply of the worlds highest-rated nutritional supplements

Program guide – recipes, grocery lists, lifestyle tips and fitness challenges

Sexy Salad recipe E-Book

Private coaching on our Facebook support page from nutritionists and healthy coaches

FREE weekly Q+A session with our nutritionists



in less then 1 week and all the program materials can be downloaded NOW.

You can get started right this minute!

...or y'know, right after you finish watching the latest episode of House Rules. (No judgement here!) 

So – are you ready to get beach bumming?

It's NZ $234 + shipping – a small price to pay for the hottest body lovin', healthy eating program around.
We ship to 19 countries so please enquire about the pricing for your country.

This program IS for you if...

• You get little pangs of jealousy when you see somebody confidently strip down at the beach or pool (“Why can’t I do that?!")

• You seriously LOVE eating good nutritious food.

• You don’t give a hoot about following rules. You want to eat and move in a way that feels natural to you.

• You enjoy being supported and surrounded by positive uplifting guys and gals.

This program is NOT for you if...

• You are fixated on finding “The next magic weight loss pill, diet or craze.” There is no such thing as a quick fix and anyone who promises one is full of crap! 
This program is about nutrition, fitness and loads of self love – in a way that totally fits into your lifestyle.

• You like to diet. This isn’t a diet or a weight loss fad. It’s a feel good, WHOLE you transformation.

• You only want to do the beach bum so you can look super skinny in your bikini – Bleh!
Yes you are going to lose weight. But if you aren’t motivated by a higher cause,
the chances are this is not going to be a lifestyle change for you.

• You think using the word Bum is gross – and seeing pictures of bums are gross.

Register for the BEACH BUM!

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